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Prevent and Treat Acne Scars

Prevent and Treat Acne Scars
Prevent and Treat Acne Scars


 Prevent and Treat Acne Scars

  Provide suffer from acne more than worrying. There is of course a constant nuisance of the acne itself. It is also the anxiety caused by infections and acne scars that would make the skin aesthetic disaster. The reason is that most people think that acne is a temporary situation while you're stuck with acne scars for the rest of your life.

    There is no doubt that there are many acne scars treatments on the market today that work very well. But the downside is that there are certain types of acne scars, and was not removed because it is very deep. Therefore, you must ensure that there are no scars in the first place because you do not want to assume the financial and emotional burden of dealing with permanent scars.

    What we are talking about here are many types of acne scars are present, and how to cope, and last but not least, how to prevent them from attacking the internal causes of this disease.
Types of acne scars, causes and diagnosis

    Studies indicate that severe acne that develops in the deep layers of the dermis, and thus the formation of nodules and cysts, is basically what causes acne scars. There are also other causes such as infection, cystic acne who worked deep into the dermis and the proliferation of skin tissue. Pressure or popping acne can cause scarring.

    It has been shown that it does not matter what type of acne they have under contract, and some people are more prone to scarring than others obtained. And had the opportunity to do so when the body is in itself is a state of chaos in the healing process, both in the process of formation of new capillaries or due to improper collagen deposition or in response at source or during construction and decommissioning; may have errors in one of these equations leads to the healing wound.

    Whatever the reasons always to prevent the possibility of leaving permanent scars and start treating your acne as soon as you can scars.
    Those due to loss of skin tissue and those from make because of increased formation of skin tissue: two types of acne scars.

To increase the formation of scar tissue in the skin due to

   Acne scars which form due to the increase in skin tissues, keloids are usually. Keloids tend to beat people with dark skin, occurs when excessive collagen production by cells during the healing process. These scars are usually irregular in shape and steel are generally smooth.

Acne scars resulting from loss of skin tissue:

Acne spots: skin discoloration and signs of brown or red these acne scars. The acne usually disappear with time or with stains using topical scar treatments. Similarly, another inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which often include acne, fades naturally, but in order to expedite this process, you should try MSM.

Parasites ice pick: The name says it all. Such as acne scars like ice-cream cups that were made several times with an ice pick. Usually appear on the cheeks. May be superficial or deep scars, and harder to get rid of scars and discoloration.

Fibrotic scars depression nodules leave behind this kind of deep acne scars. They are white and rigid and characterized by sharp edges and steep sides.

Atrophic scar spots: acne scars this type are small and white, soft and stretchy in general.

Boxcar scars, characterized by vertical edges and gaps and round rolling acne scars that are the result of the surface of the skin, and are adhered to the layer under the skin, and other types of scarring acne.

Scars and the treatment of acne

    More acne scars fade slowly to the last-inflammatory pigmentation, but there are some who resist removal. The only way to get them is smooth. Topical treatment or cosmetic surgery

     Need any acne scar that should be addressed in a special way. There are scars that are treated by a combination of several processes that require removal. There are many treatments available for editing to get rid of scars and these include: the pulsed laser technology, leather, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, punch techniques, collagen injections and fat.

    Collagen injection is a method of injecting collagen or subcutaneous fat. This method is particularly suitable for soft scars, whether deep or shallow. However, it must be taken into account that this is a short term solution and should be administered to these injections every 6 months. In addition, collagen injections produce unpleasant side effects, and can also develop allergies.

    Medical equipment is the treatment of scar which is very small particles pass through a vacuum tool. The intention is to scrape the surface layer of the outer skin. Stimulates the process and encourages the growth of new cells, but only in cases of minor scars.

    Laser therapy is the way it is flattened layer of the skin and reaches assisted laser again. This is done to more scars with the surface of the skin and therefore are less visible. It has been shown that acne scars newly trained to do better than the old laser treatment. However, this method can lead to unpleasant side effects such as infection and redness of the skin unusual. Sometimes it can even lead to a worsening of scars.

    Punch planting is a method that involves the reduction of acne scars the fat layer, and then sew the skin with a small corruption.

    Should be treated with different types of scars are different. Say, recommended in relation to different types of acne scars treatment. Alpha lipoic acid and MSM acne cream are excellent for use on another excessive pigmentation. Therapy or laser skin treatments are recommended for ice pick scars. However, these do not meet the scar collagen injections, must only be used on flat or thin scars. Acne scars can keloid with steroid injections, crytotherapy, silicone gel dressing with (where there is not too much or too starch redness on keloids) and the pulsed laser processing combined with smoothed dioxide carbon laser vaporization.

Prevent acne scars

     In the final analysis, of course, is the cheapest and best way to overcome the disadvantage of treating acne scars to get rid of acne condition. A safe and permanent only to treat your acne is through the construction of roads that would eliminate the cause of the internal acne. Traditional medicines or topical acne treatments or anti-doping really does not help.

    If you are the cost of endless free would automatically acne scars and also release created under treatment for withdrawal in a position of having deep roots internal factors that are really correct the problem and the formation of acne.

   You must understand that although acne develops on the surface of the skin, showing the scars that do not result from acne, acne is not a disease of the skin. They are due to defects in the internal balance in depth. Acne and acne scars, and therefore both by internal problems that lead to full.
   You can do it yourself with the acne away and do before the shape of Vick at the root of the problem deep scars. In this way, the process stops the formation of acne and thus be able to live a life free of acne, so acne scars. It is a crime to give you because you do not go through the stress, strain and wear bear the scars on his face.